Let the creative minds at uPix launch your company onto the Social Networking wave.

uPix web based systems mean we can help you, where ever you are in the world.
Place your brand in your customer's hands as they share their personal images from your website around the world, and as tangible photo products. Strengthen brand loyalty, increase profits and raise your brand profile – with 100% quantifiable results reported in real time.


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Cost effective, profit driven, photo solutions. New technology, internet capable mobile phones and the Social Networking phenomenon have converged to open new frontiers. Allowing uPix to develop affordable photographic solutions that are also simple to operate.

  • Add value to your customer experience.
  • Better connect to your customers and the world.
  • Custom built / Automated / Mounted Photo Systems.
  • Rapid Print-on-Demand and free-to-customer options.
  • Image handling software, image storage & Online Merchant Facilities.
  • Wireless solutions.


Customer Generated Advertising

Make your Customers your sales team; uPix provides them the tools to access & share their experiential images from your website; every print, download & image shared carrying your branding.


uPix provides direct integration from your website to Facebook so customers can quickly & easily share their photos. Allowing your company to catch the wave of the Social Networking phenomenon.

100 % quantifiable results

Every image printed, downloaded or shared is tracked & reported in real time.
Download detailed Site Reports anytime 24/7 Monitor your business & staff, see your customers by time, date & location.

  • Innovate your customer experience
  • Affordable , automated photo systems utilising latest wireless technology & live image upload
  • Intuitive , barcode driven Point-of Sale, 10 minute training program