Photo Systems & Image- handling Software
uPix develops world first photo-systems powered by uPix image-handling software, and harnessing antipodean engenuity & creativity.
Primary developmental goal: simplification & automation through relentless R&D.
Turn-key digital-photography solutions:


Versatile, affordable, reliable, profitable photo-systems (digital modules) for any business; small or large, fixed site or mobile (vehicle, boat, powered / unpowered aircraft)


Image capture > transfer > printing > upload > storage > online sharing > online purchase > point-of-sale > branded packaging > signage


Any uPix module can operate as a stand alone business, or combine seemlessly with other modules to offer an almost unlimited range of image-related products and features.


Our technology permits any size business to take charge of running their own photo-system, and keeping the majority of revenue generated. We reduce staff input, and the need to retain specialist staff required – existing staff can be trained in minutes.

All uPix photo-systems come standard with a range of support features:

  • Remote Administration - client initiated by clicking a desktop icon
  • Allows us to directly access your system, update software, trouble-shoot
  • Physical support onsite as required
  • Skype / MSN (with live video)
  • Email
  • Phone