Venue-Cam (VC)
Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Resorts, fixed or mobile tourism operators
A feature rich system for the small-medium sized business, or mobile operator.
A versatile point-of-sale that creates its own wireless hotspot, with 60 second start-up, auto - ticket printing, live image streaming,
live or delayed image-upload.
  • Intuitive barcode driven POS
  • Can be operated without touching keyboard
  • No computer skills required
  • Staff fully trained in 15 minutes
  • Wireless-image transfer / from multiple camera's
  • Live image-streaming to customer LCD screen
  • Card-reader back-up – accept images from any camera
  • Work with any printer / unlimited print layouts
  • Ability to create unlimited albums / ticket layouts
  • Live linked to client album on uPix server
  • Auto-image upload to client album / auto-ticket printing
  • Image editing / manipulation
  • Live image download from internet when connected to internet
  • Image archive
  • Full digital signage solution (client promo slides & digital video)
  • Work seemlessly with any other uPix module
  • Small operational footprint
  • Optional extras
  • Shock-case for transfer & storage
  • 3G image-upload to internet
  • Inverter to allow system from vehicle cigar-jack, or direct from a 12V battery